How it works!

NO HOLES No more stretched-out, one-inched spaced, belt holes ever again. We’ve replaced the traditional holes with a track sewn into the back of the leather belt which offers you 35+ size positions in small ¼” increments. This makes The ULTIMATE Belt 7X’s more adjustable than a traditional belt.
NO EXCESS STRAP The excess strap is pathed behind the belt so there’s no need for keepers and belt loops that never fit and ruin your look.  Ladies no more awkward belt strap showing when you want to wear that favorite dress that doesn’t have belt loops.
ALWAYS THE PERFECT FIT The ULTIMATE Belt Belts adjust every 1/4“ unlike traditional belts that only has 5 holes every 1”. In a nutshell The ULTIMATE Belt locks firmly at your precise waist size - every time you put it on. Be it Jeans, Slacks, or even when you lose or gain a few pounds...The ULTIMATE Belt Belts adjust with you for the most comfortable fit.
OUR LEATHERS LAST LONGER Unlike Traditional belts, The ULTIMATE Belt has no holes. This is why The ULTIMATE Belt last longer, you don’t have to replace your belt as frequently since there are no holes to get worn out.
EASY ON EASY OFF The hidden release lever is on back of the The ULTIMATE Belt...simple yet clever, with no impact on your belts look.
SELF-SIZING The ULTIMATE Belt fits waist sizes from 22 inches up to 44 inches. Try on the belt, then trim off the excess leather (using household scissors) to attain your optimal size range. Then the 9” track creates a precise fit as your waist size changes every day.
INTERCHANGEABLE Mix and Match buckles and straps to make your own unique and stylish combinations.
GREAT GIFTS FOR HIM or HER With The ULTIMATE Belt being self-sizing it’s the perfect gift, no more worries about if it will fit. The ULTIMATE belt fits waist sizes from 22 inches to 44 inches.
MANUFACTURER WARRANTY 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty against defects, unusual wear or breakage.
It’s not just a belt...It’s The ULTIMATE Belt.

Wearing The ULTIMATE Belt